About Us

Company Introduction

Shanghai Innovatation Electronics Technology Co. was found in 2009, including the application development, marketing promotion and sales based on semiconductor components.


In 2010, Shanghai Innovatation Electronics Technology Co. established Hongkong Innovatation Technology Co. Limited  and in 2019 established Shenzhen Innovatation Technology Co. Limited  to strengthen the business with the worldwide famous semiconductor companies.


 In 2012, the Company signed the distribution agreement with IXYS semiconductor which HQ is based in US, to be responsible for sales in China of IXYS’ whole product lines, including CLARE, WESTCODE, ZILOG, etc

Our Team

CTO Zhao Zhongmin

Mr. Zhao Zhongmin, with over 40 years’ experience in power supply and electronic product development, has successfully developed and mass-produced parking meters, DC inverter welding machine, high-power DC charging power, electrolytic power, start power, five-axis linkage welding machine, automatic X-ray non-destructive testing equipment, military box special temperature and humidity meter, etc.

Backed by our high-grade semiconductor supply chain, we can proudly ensure exceptional product quality, timely delivery and effective cost control.


Shanghai Innovatation Electronics Technology develops technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency, generate clean energy and provide advanced products. Today, the company’s products are in high demand, meeting the needs of more than 2,500 companies in the aerospace/defense, communications, consumer, green energy, industrial, lighting/display, medical, power management and transportation sectors.